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Being drawn to healthier, non-toxic products for personal and home use began when Deanna Wood and her family were going through a health crossroads. Her 7-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare disease, and she was later hospitalized with a brain condition brought on by stress.

When Wood began her journey with Community Futures Thompson Country in April of 2022, she was seeking employment or hoping to open an alternative business as she had to close the doors of a successful floral company due to her family’s health.

“As my son and I continued to recover, I started questioning what was in all our household products that we put in & on our bodies. I started educating myself and was blown away by the amount of toxins that could be found in many of our household items that we used daily.” She said. “What was even more concerning was that I had considered my family to be leading a fairly active and healthy lifestyle prior to this. I began reading all the labels and slowly started switching our food & household products from commercial brands to cleaner, healthier, local options.”

When Wood was transitioning to a toxic-free house, she was introduced to the refillery movement, which inspired her to open a store that provides sustainable, Canadian-made, non-toxic products to her community and the surrounding area.

“My goal is to make a positive impact to our planet through change, one person and product at a time. I believe Mountainview Refillery can do this due to my commitment and passion to help people with healthier alternatives in what they consume and use in their daily lives.”

When asked what advice she would give others wanting to open a business, she said, “100% go through Community Futures if possible. Every aspect of the program is great; I could not have done it without them.” She said. “Community Futures helped me in every way possible. Without them, this never would have worked. Julie helped me with guidance and solid advice, and Carmen was so supportive and encouraging…”

You can find Mountainview Refillery at The Loft and 58 Young Rd in Clearwater, BC, and there is a delivery option when shopping online.

Mountainview Refillery

Clearwater, BC


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