Building Your Human Relations Manual – Shifting Human Resources to Human Relations

November 21, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Did You Know?

  • The purpose of the HR manual is to ensure that your organization’s employee-related practices are fair and consistent across the organization.
  • A well-written HR manual will offer detailed guidance for managers based on compliance requirements.
  • It’s important to be clear in the expectations and rights of your staff, as well as your responsibility to apply current legislation and guidelines in your workplace.

General Outline of the Workshop:

November 7, Part 1: The Reason and Purpose of a Human Relations Policy Manual.
• Vision, Values, and missions must be defined, and the guidelines of how they are applied must be illustrated.
• Whether it is at work or at play, we all have to understand what our guidelines and our expectations of each other are, and what to do if those guidelines or expectations are not being met.
• A Human Relations manual is a prime example of creating those guidelines and defining the expectations in a workplace or a volunteer organization.

November 14, Part 2: Section by Section.
• Do not panic; It may seem overwhelming however, some sections are merely a paragraph or two.
• We will review each section in more detail.
• Oh yeah, there are a lot of them.

November 21, Part 3: How to roll it out.
This is where you create your plan to update and roll out revised Human Relations Policies.
There are some other factors to take into account when rolling out any new policies:
• How will this policy revision impact those who are working and familiar with the previous policies?
• Does this new policy remove or hinder any workplace benefits or advantages for those previously employed staff members?
• How much training is required to ensure that all staff members have an opportunity to familiarize themselves and understand the revised policies?
• What is the effective date that you would like to have in place for the new revised policies to take effect?
• How will you train, familiarize, and roll out the new policies?

Benefits of the Workshop:

You will create a more engaged and focused workplace culture through:
• Clarity of roles and responsibilities.
• Defined guidelines and expectations.
• Understanding of rules and rights of employees.
• Better understanding of the benefits and perks of the job.

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