Fundamentals of Leadership Series

September 13, 2023 @ 9:00 am – February 14, 2024 @ 11:00 am

Did You Know?

Core leadership skills: acknowledge, envision, persuade, empower, exemplify, and execute.

Understanding your own personality can help you identify leadership gaps and create a plan to address them.

Team dynamics and building relationships are key to leading strong teams

Creating accountability, performance standards as expectations, and assessing progress will bring leadership to our team.

Understanding how to measure outcomes and results, hold difficult conversations, and coach or mentor our staff will help ensure performance management and move your team through setbacks.

Building community and adopting leadership as a lifestyle will create long term and measurable positive influences in your life.

General Outline of the Workshop:

Session 1 (Sep 13)
Core (Fundamental) Qualities of Leaders – In this component we examine what a leader is, why they exist and the critical deliverables necessary to be seen as a leader.

Session 2 (Oct 11)
Who Am I? – Building on our last session we explore, who am I as a leader? We resolve the internal and external locus of control and determine if you are the leader you want to be.

Session 3 (Nov 8)
Building Teams – Once we understand who you are, and what you wish to develop, we will delve into the world of team dynamics and building relationships.

Session 4 (Dec 13)
Part One: Setting Expectations and Performance Standards – The next step is how we take our leadership and move it into the team by setting reasonable and achievable standards, and then assessing progress in a way that is transparent and measurable.

Session 5 (Jan 10)
Part Two: Performance Management – In part two of this section, we look at how to set and manage performance standards and expectations. Strategies discussed here can be used in a wide variety of situations, including peer to peer and volunteer.

Session 6 (Feb 14)
Building Community – Leadership is a lifestyle; it goes beyond the workplace and creates long term and measurable positive influences in your life. In this final component on core leadership, we discuss and examine ways to build your community through strategic communication tools and processes, to create maximum leverage for your life goals.

Benefits of the Workshop:

  • Understand your own leadership style and build your team.
  • Navigate within the complexities of today’s workplace challenges.
  • Inspire a new generation of leadership within your organization.

This 6 part series will be 2 hours each month, with the goal of empowering YOU!

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