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Yours, Sustainably and Yours, Sustainably Baby are Instagram-based businesses selling beautiful vintage housewares and second-hand, name-brand baby and children’s clothing.

Silken has always had a passion for health and sustainability, and while working in the vitamin department at Nature’s Fare aligned with those interests, she knew she wanted to employ both within a business of her own and have the flexibility to create her schedule. Insert, Yours, Sustainably.

Yours, Sustainably, was created out of a desire for the reasons above and to make shopping an eco-friendly experience.

“When you shop Yours, Sustainably, you can find vintage and pre-loved housewares with character and beauty that new items often lack while contributing to a circular economy,” she said. “I buy most things for myself and my home second-hand. It’s something I can do to live more sustainably, choosing not to support big-box shops. I know the thrift store is not for everyone; that makes Yours, Sustainably a nice option since it’s a curated collection without having to sift through the thrift shop.”

Silken and her partner, Adam, welcomed their son, Ary, in 2022. After Ary was born, Silken immediately felt there was a need for an avenue to buy and sell quality children’s clothes second-hand. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start a secondary Instagram shop. Yours, Sustainably Baby is a pre-loved and consignment shop with quality baby and children’s clothing, books, nursery accessories, etc.

“I recently expanded my horizons and have started a secondary Instagram shop, Yours Sustainably Baby, which offers pre-loved quality and name-brand children’s clothing, as well as consignment clothing.” She said. “This is a way for parents to make a return on their investment in their children’s clothing and a place for parents to shop quality second-hand for their little ones—Not sacrificing quality but not having to pay full price! Both of which are a nice perk in our current economy.”

Silken joined our Business Boot Camp in April of 2021, where she had a space to ask questions, receive feedback, and bounce business ideas around.

“Julie and Carmen were always so great at listening to my ideas and pitching in with things I hadn’t even considered. It’s nice to have feedback from someone familiar with the business world since I am still new to it myself,” she said. “It was also valuable to be a part of the group space and share ideas with fellow group members. The financial aspect was also an integral part, as I wouldn’t have been able to get by without the financial aid that Community Futures was able to offer.”

When asked what advice she would give to others wanting to open their own business, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, talk to other people in the field before you start, do your research, and be prepared to feel vulnerable.”

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